Proficient Scootering – The Book. You Asked, and I Listened!

Proficient Scootering - A comprehensive guide to safe, efficient and enjoyable scooter ridingYou asked, and I listened!

I’m very excited to announce that, after two years quietly writing and re-writing behind the scenes, drawing countless diagrams, and taking photographs, “Proficient Scootering” is available now for all the popular e-readers!

For those who prefer a traditional book, a print version is available as well!

I wish to thank all who prompted me to create this work. It has been a labour of love. I excitedly let it out into the world. Fly my pretties!

Take a look at the Books page for more details.

I hope you find these posts useful. If you do, please consider supporting, while gaining access to all this information, and more, by purchasing: Proficient Scootering - The Comprehensive Guide to Safe, Efficient and Enjoyable Scooter Riding. It's available for all e-readers and in print.

4 thoughts on “Proficient Scootering – The Book. You Asked, and I Listened!

  1. Being new to PTW’s, I took the MSF weekend course in May 2017 to obtain my license endorsement. I have since continued my education by reading Proficient Motorcyclist and Proficient Scootering. In May 2017, I bought a 2016 Vespa Sprint 150 and put a little over 1000 miles on it prior to putting it away for the winter. Now that I have some riding experience, I am re-reading Proficient Scooterist to gain more insight and looking to utilize that new insight when the scooter emerges from winter hibernation.

    1. Hi Barry. Thanks for the comment, and kudos to you for taking such an interest in your riding education. It is an excellent idea to re-read Proficient Scootering. There are a lot of concepts in there, which will only really take a hold with repeated reading and application on the road.

      I hope you’re enjoying your new scooter, and here’s to an enjoyable and safe riding season!


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