Welcome to the Motor Scooter Safety Blog

Welcome to the Scoot Safely blog.
This blog is for, and about, scooter riders. Its intent is to provide useful information and tips about scooter safety, good scooter riding, and to keep you informed of the latest news and events concerning all things scooters.

I bring you articles and video presentations about safe scooter riding, any news relevant to the scootering community, and interesting products I find along the way!

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi Alan,

    I came across your blog. Really like it!
    I am a mid 20’s female living in San Francisco (so lots of hills in my neighborhood!) and looking to buy a scooter. I am looking for a recommendation for something safe and easy to ride – preferably doesn’t go above 30mph so I don’t have to get a moped/motorcycle license. Do you have a recommendation that won’t worry my parents? (I always plan on wearing a helmet.)


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