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Maryland May Soon Require License, Tag and Insurance for 50cc Scooters

The Maryland senate is currently considering bill SB309, which will require that scooters with less than 2.7 horsepower, or under 50cc are titled and that the operators maintain liability insurance.

Currently, such scooters do not require a title, insurance, or a motorcycle license to operate them in Maryland.

The bill would reclassify mopeds and scooters as “S” class vehicles under MVA regulations and maintains the requirement for moped and scooter operators to possess a valid Maryland driver’s license.

It would also require the use of protective head-gear and eye protection.

While I am honestly “on the fence” about this one, this part did cause a raised eyebrow:
“Chris Shank, R-Washington, co-sponsored the bill because of numerous reports from the Hagerstown Police about a spike in use of scooters and mopeds to transport illegal drugs.”

That seems like the craziest reason to support a bill I’ve heard of yet!

Your thoughts?

Read more: http://marylandreporter.com/2012/03/20/legislation-before-senate-to-require-titles-insurance-and-safety-gear-for-mopeds-and-scooters/#ixzz1phknAjhq
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