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Maryland May Soon Require License, Tag and Insurance for 50cc Scooters

The Maryland senate is currently considering bill SB309, which will require that scooters with less than 2.7 horsepower, or under 50cc are titled and that the operators maintain liability insurance.

Currently, such scooters do not require a title, insurance, or a motorcycle license to operate them in Maryland.

The bill would reclassify mopeds and scooters as “S” class vehicles under MVA regulations and maintains the requirement for moped and scooter operators to possess a valid Maryland driver’s license.

It would also require the use of protective head-gear and eye protection.

While I am honestly “on the fence” about this one, this part did cause a raised eyebrow:
“Chris Shank, R-Washington, co-sponsored the bill because of numerous reports from the Hagerstown Police about a spike in use of scooters and mopeds to transport illegal drugs.”

That seems like the craziest reason to support a bill I’ve heard of yet!

Your thoughts?

Read more: http://marylandreporter.com/2012/03/20/legislation-before-senate-to-require-titles-insurance-and-safety-gear-for-mopeds-and-scooters/#ixzz1phknAjhq
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Update on St. Louis Scooter Store Owner Busted For Drugs and Gun Crimes

(KMOV) — Police have uncovered high tech surveillance cameras, loaded weapons and thousands of dollars inside a St. Charles County business.
They call the owner of a scooter shop a major player in the drug game.  Neighbors are relieved he’s locked up, but customers of the legit side of the business found themselves caught in the middle.

Customers showed up to Brad’s Scooters only to find that police had shut it down.  One customer says he had already paid $1,500 for a 4-wheeler, but, Brad’s in jail and they’re out of luck — for now. Police say the business was hiding a meth lab inside.

Police believe Brad Gelber was the money man for a big meth-making ring in St. Charles County.  He and Thomas Scurlock, Chantel Harshbarger, Jeffrey Runyon and Thomas Runyon were all busted Friday night when police took down three different meth labs.

Drug Task Force investigators say they found meth cooking inside the office at Gelber’s scooter shop, along with loaded guns and $1,900 cash.  High-end security cameras and a microphone system kept a 24-hour watch on the shop.

Full Story: KMOV St. Louis

St. Louis Scooter Shop Owner Charged with Drugs and Gun Crimes

It seems this St. Louis scooter store owner wasn’t quite making enough selling our beloved two-wheeled machines. Would you like some drugs or guns with that Buddy?

ST. PETERS, Mo. (AP) — A St. Louis-area scooter shop owner is facing charges after police say they found a methamphetamine lab, guns and more than $19,000 in cash in his office.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 49-year-old Bradley Gelber of St. Peters was among five people arrested Friday in a roundup of alleged members of a meth ring. Gelber does not have a listed attorney and the voice mailbox for his business was full and could not accept new messages.
Gelber is owner of Brad’s Scooters. A narcotics officer went to the shop, acting on a tip that Gelber was the financier and front man for the meth ring.
Authorities say officers had to shoot and kill a dog that attacked them while arresting another suspected ring member.
Source: KMOV.com