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Group Finds Creative Way to Beat Pain at the Pump

LAS VEGAS — Gas prices are creeping higher and higher. This week alone, AAA reports that prices have jumped up 14 cents. So, some drivers around the valley are trading their vehicles for scooters.

Lou-Ann Humble, who refers to herself as “Moped Mama,” leads the pack of the Nevada Scooter Brigade. The group started in 2009 with 23 members. Now, their group has swelled to 95.

Humble traces the growth back to a one very costly reason — the gas. The scooters her group rides come in all different shapes, sizes and power levels, but they all share a common fuel-sipping trait.

“Usually when I am at a gas station the guy at the pump next to me is putting $60 or $70 in, he looks over at mine and he sees like $6.95,” said fellow rider, Vinnie Scocozzo. “He just kind of smiles at me and walks away.”

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