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80 Year Old Grandmother Thwarts Scooter-Jacking (Video)

Scooter Thugs Wrestle the Public

An 80 year old grandmother leapt into action on Friday to save a scooterist from being scooter-jacked.

Rosemary Bodger was shopping early on Friday morning when she witnessed two criminals trying to wrestle another Vespa from a rider in North London. They had already taken the keys from the rider, theatre worker Stefan Cooper, 47, and were trying to get the scooter away from him.

That’s when she leapt into action. She took hold of the handlebars as other members of the public rushed to the scene.

Two builders working nearby came out wielding copper pipes, and a suited gentleman chased off the beleaguered bullies.

“I don’t think I’m a hero, I just want these two caught. I can’t have them snatching phones off my grandkids. The poor chap on the Vespa was very shaken up. He couldn’t ride home because he had no keys so he had to push his bike to the police station. Luckily he had a spare set at home.”, said the feisty Scottish grandmother. “I didn’t think twice. I don’t run away. I was in the Wrens and I thought: ‘No way are they having that’. They would have had to run over me to get it.”

An eye witness said: “It was amazing to see so many people step in to help. Even this old lady waded in. These builders came out holding copper poles, like spears. The muggers took one look and scarpered.”

No arrests have yet been made.