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Observation Links

Today, I’d like to talk a little about really honing our powers of observation:

Observations skills (and the use we make of the information gathered during observation) are arguably the most important skills we have to help us stay safe out there on our scooters.

Imagine a scenario where two riders encounter the same situation while doing their daily commute. For our purposes it could be any hazard situation. Let’s say – a car suddenly coming over the brow of a hill encroaching on your side of the road.
(Actually, I’m using this example because it’s a real-life situation that cropped up while I was taking my advanced motorcycle test).

For one rider, it’s a complete non-event. For the other, it’s a panic stricken, stressful moment. How could that be so? Continue reading Observation Links

Scanning and Hazard Fixation

Today, I’m going to talk about about a very important skill that the safe scooter rider practises continually – Vigilant Scanning.

And, on the other side of the coin is a phenomenon that strangely seems to affect those of us on two wheels more than it does drivers of “regular” vehicles – Hazard Fixation. Continue reading Scanning and Hazard Fixation

The “What If” game, or “It’s OK to be the Eternal Pessimist”.

Today, I’m going to talk about a game I like to play while riding.
Now, granted, I may be easily amused, and it may never take the place of the License Plate Game, but this one may just keep you out of some nasty situations, and help keep the rubber side down on your beloved scooter. Continue reading The “What If” game, or “It’s OK to be the Eternal Pessimist”.