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Proficient Scootering – The Book. You Asked, and I Listened!

Proficient Scootering - A comprehensive guide to safe, efficient and enjoyable scooter ridingYou asked, and I listened!

I’m very excited to announce that, after two years quietly writing and re-writing behind the scenes, drawing countless diagrams, and taking photographs, “Proficient Scootering” is available now for all the popular e-readers!

For those who prefer a traditional book, a print version is available as well!

I wish to thank all who prompted me to create this work. It has been a labour of love. I excitedly let it out into the world. Fly my pretties!

Take a look at the Books page for more details.

ScootSafely.com at Vespa Marietta this Saturday. Atlanta, GA.

ScootSafely.com will be giving a presentation on scooter safety at Vespa Marietta this coming Saturday during their “Spring Kick-off” event.

With a workshop on scooter maintenance, guest appearances, snacks, spring sale on scooter models, and a talk by yours truly, it should be a great event!

If you’re in the Atlanta area, come and meet us!


A System for Safe Scooter Riding – IPSA and TUG

Today, I’m going to get just a little bit technical, and talk about a formal system which we can use to guide every aspect of our riding. It is a system that is flexible, and can be used continually to cover everything we do while out on the road.
Although this may seem a little complicated at first, please bear with me, and you should see how a little study and application of this system will be extremely worth the effort.

Of course, what system worth its salt doesn’t come along with a mnemonic or two, right? Never wishing to disappoint, here are a couple for you: Continue reading A System for Safe Scooter Riding – IPSA and TUG

Visibility on a Scooter. Z-motion, X-motion, and why cars pull out in front of us.

Anybody who has ridden a scooter or motorcycle for any appreciable amount of time  knows the all-too-familiar feeling that we seem to be invisible on the road.

When the umpteenth person pulls across our path or pushes us out of our lane, it’s tempting (and quite natural) to get very annoyed at the distracted and inattentive driver.

In this post, I hope to provide an insight into the psychology of visibility, and offer some tips which can help. Continue reading Visibility on a Scooter. Z-motion, X-motion, and why cars pull out in front of us.