BMW Introduce Side View Assist on their C650 Maxi-Scooters

BMW C650 Side View AssistI’m a gadget freak. There, I’ve admitted it. I embrace technology. So it should come as no surprise to learn that if you tell me me about some technology that will help to keep us scooter riders safe, I’ll be all ears. Such was the case today when I learned that BMW are offering optional Side View Assist on their C650 GT and C650 Sport scooters.

Side View assist is designed to warn the riders about vehicles sitting in their blind spot. It uses a four sensor array with a range of about 5 metres (16.4 ft). These sensors detect the presence of a vehicle which is travelling beside you, and that is travelling at a speed less than 10 KMH (6.2 MPH) over your speed. If such a condition is detected, then the right or left warning light discretely placed in the mirror stalk will light. If you were to put on your turn signal when a vehicle is in this “danger zone”, then the corresponding warning light on the mirror stalk will flash.

BMW C650 Side View AssistCuriously, the specifications state that the system will operate at speeds between 25 and 80 KMH, or 15-50 MPH. No word yet on the cost of the optional extra.

Of course, all of my readers will be practising exemplary mirror work, so it will just some extra confirmation for them. But still, it’s a pretty cool gadget. It gets my vote!

BMW C650 Side View Assist

Until next time. Scoot Safely!

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