BMW Eyeing Future in Ride Sharing Scooters

BMW C Evolution BMW is tentatively eyeing the possibility of two-wheeled ride-sharing schemes. Specifically, they are looking into offering ride-sharing schemes—an UBER or LYFT like service—for bikes in major citites.

The biggest problem that has yet to be solved is that of the second helmet. How to provide get a “one size fits all” helmet? This does seem to be a knotty problem. Aside from the size issue, who will want to wear the lid which, just minutes before, adorned the sweaty pate of the last beer-swilling, chain-smoking passenger? Eww. I can smell it now.

Horrid helmets aside, two recent interviews with the Munich company’s executives have highlighted BMW’s interest in this area.

Motorrad board member Peter Schwarzenbauer told press at the Geneva Motor Show that they would like to start ride sharing where riders and millions can hire by the minute.

“This is definitely an option, but we haven’t found the solution for the second helmet yet,” he said. “There’s the issue of sizing and then re-using helmets in the summer heat — it’s not ideal.”

BMW Link Concept Scooter He suggested that the service would only be open to their C-Evolution series scooter, and another “smaller” electric scooter. With this, he is likely referring to the “Link” concept scooter, which was announced last year, and is slated to go into production in 2021.

As a first step, and hoping to bring two-wheeled transportation to a larger audience, BMW will start a pilot scheme in May which will allow people to rent bikes via an app from dealers for a few days at a time, starting in Germany, France and Austria.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, who heads BMW’s Mini, Rolls-Royce and motorcycle brands, said in a an interview at the Geneva International Motor Show that BMW is considering a new, smaller, electric scooter. The new model would be smaller than the existing C evolution maxi-scooter, which has a driving range of about 100 miles (160 kilometres). He declined to give any more information.

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