Where Have I Been?

I surely need to start this post with an apology to my dear readers. It has been a long time — way too long — since I last posted on ScootSafely.

Some major upheavals on the home and work front have taken my attention for quite some time now, and have meant that I’ve had little time to pay attention to Scoot Safely. Hopefully, as things have calmed a little, I shall be back among the living in the blogosphere!

Still, I haven’t been idle! Here’s what I’ve been doing…

Over the years that I have been running this blog, I have often received requests to produce a book catering specifically for scooter riders – as does this blog. A book about scooter safety and the particular challenges that we face out there on our scooters.

I always saw that as quite an undertaking, but a worthy one. It would have to cover all aspects of scooter riding, from the most basic control, to advanced techniques and tips for the seasoned rider… and more.

Well, it has been two years in the making. It has been a labour of love, but I am delighted and excited to announce that the book is finished!

I have been very busy over the last few months – since the writing was finished –  preparing it for publication, proof-reading, editing, creating the numerous diagrams that accompany the chapters, even out taking photographs for demonstrations, and formatting it all for the various e-readers out there, and for the final print version.

So, I hope that you, my dear readers, will forgive my absence, but be assured that I have been quietly working behind the scenes preparing my humble literary contribution to our scooter community.

Stand by (in the next few days) for the official release of: “Proficient Scootering — A comprehensive guide to safe, efficient and enjoyable scooter riding.


I hope you find these posts useful. If you do, please consider supporting, while gaining access to all this information, and more, by purchasing: Proficient Scootering - The Comprehensive Guide to Safe, Efficient and Enjoyable Scooter Riding. It's available for all e-readers and in print.

2 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Welcome back and congratulations! Definitely a needed tome. Thank you for putting it out into the world and for this blog.

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