Your Next Scooter?

I came across this article by Yi Chen about a new and interesting electric scooter:

“Simply dubbed the Boxx, this electric vehicle rethinks the traditional design of motorbikes with a minimalistic and stylish approach. The square bike is built using light-weight aluminum and is strong enough to support 300 pounds of weight. It can travel up to 35 miles per hour and can go 80 miles with a single charge.”


You think you get some funny looks now?

Full article here.


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One thought on “Your Next Scooter?

  1. Great article!! Eventually, electricity will power about everything we drive, however till then, gasoline will rock! 80 miles on a charge is not very good actually for those of us who aspire to put on mileage. Still, if someone scoots around 30 to 40 miles per week, hey, why not ! As long as you have the ability to recharge the battery, safely, electricity is the way to go. Another drawback is 35 mph. That’s not very speedy when trying to keep up with vehicles that can and will, do 50 plus on city streets. Keeping up with traffic is an important safety feature when riding a scooter.

    So I will stick to my gasoline powered 90 miles per gallon Tmec QT3 50cc scooter but if one is designed that can do 50-60 miles per hour, runs on electricity and is reasonable in cost…..I’m in.!!!

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