Other Road Users’ Attitude to Scooters

I was just on my way home, and experienced the all too regular attitude of some car drivers. This prompted me to put virtual pen to paper about the attitude of other road users to us scooter riders.

Sadly, there are two common attitudes to scooters on the road in the US. The first seems to be that you don’t really have any business being on the road with such a vehicle, and “real” drivers will tolerate you as a mild form of amusement – provided you don’t hold them up in any way.

The second is that they must get past you in any way possible, and at the earliest opportunity – safety be damned.

I recently witnessed a truck doing 75 in the middle turning lane of a  two lane road which was posted as 45 MPH – up a hill and in the middle of a junction – because he just had to get past this silly little scooter.

This was despite the fact that I was comfortably following the general speed of the traffic – which was 60 MPH.

I don’t know what causes this desperation to put you behind them, but it is worth being aware of it so that you can ride with the extra caution that they seem to be so willing to abandon at such times.

Anyway, back to my ride home: I was sitting at the lights in the left filter lane. Being ever watchful of my mirrors, I watched a truck pull up behind with two “lads” in it who were firmly in the “amused” camp at seeing me in my bright green riding gear astride the little Vespa.

The second – and I mean the SECOND, the lights went to green, the driver immediately laid on his very loud horn.

This amused the occupants of said truck greatly – although I think the driver was secretly disappointed that I didn’t jump out of my skin and drop the bike.

Still, I’m glad I was able to make their day a little brighter.

To be fair, I often get very positive reactions from other road users as well, so it’s all “grist to the mill”, as they say.

I wonder if one day, the rider of the Harley Davidson who blew me a kiss recently will read this blog?

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