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Piaggio BV350 Review

Reading time: 7 minutes.

Piaggio BV350 It has been quite some time since a new scooter created such a buzz among the scooter community as Piaggio’s new BV350.

I have watched with interest all the speculation leading up to the launch, and read with interest the opinions of the lucky people to first get their hands on the BV 350.

Well, thanks once again to my friends at Vespa Marietta, I was given the opportunity to judge for myself whether the machine lived up to expectations. Let’s see…

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SYM Classic 150 Review. Back To My Youth.

Reading time: 6 minutes.

SYM Classic 150 You can be forgiven for wondering why – in the first of my series of scooter reviews – I’m talking about a motorcycle.

There is method in my madness, however, for the little gem I’d like to talk about today carries a name that is very familiar to most scooter riders: SYM.

That’s right. SYM, the Taiwanese company famous for such well-made scooters as the Mio and the MAXSYM, have released a little motorcycle.

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