Honda Announces Two New Scooters for 2013

Honda has begun the 2013 model year with the introduction of two new scooters.

Well, make that one new one and one with a facelift.

Available this summer, comes the new Honda PCX150.

It has a 150cc liquid cooled engine, with generous under-seat storage (enough for a full-face helmet).

The price is yet to be determined.


Also coming this year, is an updated classic – the Honda Metropolitan.

The 50cc Metropolitan will be available in June, and features a redesigned headlight and clock setup, new handlebars, and a new tail-light assembly.

With 22 litres of under-seat storage, a separate storage area big enough for a 1 litre bottle, and a larger bag hook, this could be the perfect thing for those round-town trips.

The MSRP is $1,999.

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4 thoughts on “Honda Announces Two New Scooters for 2013

  1. That 150 is super sharp looking. If only they offered it in a 250-300 size for adequate freeway reserves and at a realistic price it would be about perfect.

  2. The new Honda PCX150. scooter looks incredibly awesome, with great features something I may be in the market for!!

    1. Yes. It sure does, Mark. According to some of the press I’ve read, it’s marketed as “Freeway Capable” – whatever that means.

      150cc is a great size though.

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