Vespa 946 Emporia Armani Arrives in the U.S.

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Vespa 946 Emporia Armani Just when you thought your scooter was stylish enough, well-known Italian designer Georgio Armani (yes, they of the elegant purses—bring on the wisecracks) has teamed up with Piaggio to create a special edition scooter for the fashion conscious rider.

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Night Riding

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graphic of a scooter riding at night I’d venture to say that there is a fair percentage of scooter riders who have never ridden at night. For some this may be because the need has never arisen. Some others would never entertain the thought for the perceived extra danger.

Personally, I find night riding a pleasant and relaxing activity which, done correctly, is no more dangerous than riding during the day. There are even some distinct advantages safety-wise.

Let’s shed some light on the subject:

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The Print Version of “Proficient Scootering” is Here!

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Proficient Scootering - The book After much frustration with the publishers, and much work to try to get the print cost down, I’m happy to announce that the print version of “Proficient Scootering” is finally here!

So, if you have haven’t quite got into the e-readers yet, or simply prefer the feel of good old-fashioned paper in your hand, I have you covered. Mosey on over to the book page for details.

Proficient Scootering – The Book. You Asked, and I Listened!

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Proficient Scootering - The book I’m very excited to announce that, after two years quietly writing and re-writing behind the scenes, drawing countless diagrams, and taking photographs, “Proficient Scootering” is available now for all the popular e-readers!

For those who prefer a traditional book, a print version is available as well!

I wish to thank all who prompted me to create this work. It has been a labour of love. I excitedly let it out into the world. Fly my pretties!

Take a look at the Book page for more details.

Honda Announces Two New Scooters for 2013

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Honda has begun the 2013 model year with the introduction of two new scooters.

Well, make that one new one and one with a facelift.

Honda PCX150 Available this summer, comes the new Honda PCX150.

It has a 150cc liquid cooled engine, with generous under-seat storage (enough for a full-face helmet).

The price is yet to be determined.

Honda Metropolitan Also coming this year, is an updated classic – the Honda Metropolitan.

The 50cc Metropolitan will be available in June, and features a redesigned headlight and clock setup, new handlebars, and a new tail-light assembly.

With 22 litres of under-seat storage, a separate storage area big enough for a 1 litre bottle, and a larger bag hook, this could be the perfect thing for those round-town trips.

The MSRP is $1,999.

ScootSafely’s First E-book!

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Book. Buying Your First Scooter

ScootSafely is proud to announce its first E-book!

Buying Your First Scooter

If you are thinking of buying your first scooter, or know anybody who is thinking about which scooter to buy, this book will turn you into an informed buyer, and guide you step-by-step to finding exactly the right scooter for you!

Available as direct download, or for your Kindle.

Recommended Reading

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A Personal Story

Back in the mid-nineties, I was still living in England, and had been riding motorcycles and scooters daily for about nineteen years. I really thought I knew all there was to know about riding. What could anybody possibly tell me about riding after all these years?

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