at Vespa Marietta this Saturday. Atlanta, GA. will be giving a presentation on scooter safety at Vespa Marietta this coming Saturday during their “Spring Kick-off” event.

With a workshop on scooter maintenance, guest appearances, snacks, spring sale on scooter models, and a talk by yours truly, it should be a great event!

If you’re in the Atlanta area, come and meet us!


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3 thoughts on “ at Vespa Marietta this Saturday. Atlanta, GA.

  1. I think it was fair. There are plenty of images from which to choose. It was VofM choice to use it (they have many similar ones scrolling across their site) … but it was still SS’s choice to associate. I was just pointing out the irony. Hope to meet you Saturday!

  2. I like how the ad for the event – ironically tied in with – shows riders with no helmets or gloves wearing short-sleeved shirts and taking their scooters off-road. Hilarious. I guess that’s a Vespa of Marietta problem; maybe they want to market the event by showing that scootering is “cool” instead of showing the latest gas prices and hitting them with a dose of reality. But I really wonder why you would allow your credible brand identity to be compromised and perhaps devalued like this.

    1. Hi Todd. I share your concern, but, to be fair, it is notoriously difficult to obtain any images of scooter riders that don’t show them in what many would consider inappropriate attire.

      Believe me, it’s something I’m constantly up against, and I reject many or most potentially good images for this reason.

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